Disgust Drives Habit Change

Normally, when you think about the word disgust you associate it with negative feelings and emotions. But when it comes to habit change, disgust is one of the most powerful catalysts behind habit change. There are three levels of disgust: mild, moderate and extreme.

Habit change requires a long-term commitment. You must repeat the behavior or thinking enough times that a new neural connection (synapse) is created inside your brain. Depending on the complexity of the habit, this can take anywhere from 18 to 254 days. The greater your level of disgust, the greater your chances of effecting long-term habit change. The reason for this is that habit change requires willpower. There is a direct correlation between your level of disgust and your level of willpower. Extreme disgust provides the most potent level of willpower. The more willpower you have, the more you improve your chances of effecting long-term habit change.

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