Seek Out Cheerleaders Not Booleaders


“I have yet to find the man, however exalted his station, who did not do better work and put forth greater effort under a spirit of approval than under a spirit of criticism.”  Charles Schwab

Criticism is necessary for success. You need feedback from others. But all too often that feedback is mired in negative, destructive criticism that lacks any real specific advice or help. “The reason you’re not selling more is your product sucks.” “You’re bossy, arrogant, pompous, (fill in the blank).” You’re failing because you’re bad at what you do, you’re doing it all wrong or you need to change what you’re doing.”

While most of that may be true, it lacks any constructive, specific feedback. You’re wasting your time listening to it. Most criticism you will receive, is unfortunately going to be this negative, generalized destructive type of criticism and not the positive, specific, constructive type you need. These Booleaders offer only negative criticism because they, themselves, have little to no idea how to help you. They’ve never succeeded in doing what you are doing, so their advice must be general and lack any specific, constructive feedback. This type of negative, destructive criticism only brings you down; it deflates you, slowing you down or stopping you on your path to success.

When you are pursuing a dream, big goal or your purpose in life, you absolutely must seek out only those who offer positive, specific, constructive criticism. You need to seek out Cheerleaders and not Booleaders. Cheerleaders offer constructive feedback that will help you succeed. Their criticism has tremendous value because they know what they are talking about. Their knowledge is valuable because they succeeded in doing what you are doing, or they have a track record of helping others like you succeed. They have gravitas by virtue of their previous success.  If you want to succeed in realizing your dream you must surround yourself with Cheerleaders and not Booleaders.






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