The Cost of the Success Journey is Enormous on Everyone


Pursuing success is not easy. Particularly for those who are directly affected by your journey. Most of that journey is fraught with failure, mistakes and sacrifice, without any certainty that you will succeed. Many quit, not because they lack perseverance, but because their family life is jeopardized by the pursuit. The long hours, single-minded focus and the financial investment take a toll on those around you; those you love. It’s one of life’s great ironies – pursuing success in the hope of providing a better life for your family, only to lose your family because of the pursuit. This is why those few who do persevere, despite all the costs, are exceptional human beings, deserving of the enormous rewards of success. It takes superhuman effort, not only for the individual pursuing success, but for those loved ones who suffer along with you during your journey.

I suppose the tip this morning is to not take your loved ones for granted. They are suffering along with you. Every failure, every setback, every mistake takes a toll on them as well. So stop what you are doing every now and then and give them a hug and a kiss. Let them know you love them and need them to stand by you during this journey. Your passion may nourish you and enable you to power through all the setbacks, but your loved ones are not the shared beneficiaries of your passion. Their nourishment can only come from your love and appreciation for their support because the cost of the success journey is enormous on everyone.





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