Your Life is a Construction Project


There’s a process to building a house, once you own the land:

  1. Draw up Blueprints
  2. Construct the House

Seems pretty simple doesn’t it? Each component of your house must be defined in the blueprint and then built: the kitchen, bathrooms, family room, dining room, bedrooms, and anything else you want your house to have, are the components of your house.

Constructing an ideal, happy and successful life is no different. It’s the same process. In the case of your ideal life, the components of your life’s blueprint are all of the things that make a perfect life: the job you want to have, what you would love to do for a living, the place you want to live, the life partner you’d like to share your life with, the places you’d like to travel to, the wealth you’d like to accumulate etc. These are known as dreams. You start building your ideal life by defining all of your dreams which, when taken together, become the blueprint of your life.

Your goals are your construction team. You need to define all of the goals that will make all of your dreams become a reality. You design your goals around each dream. One dream could require the achievement of one, five or ten goals. The realization of each dream happens when you accomplish the series of goals that are required in order for each specific dream to be realized. It’s just like building a house. The kitchen requires the completion of certain tasks. Each task, each goal, needs to be competed in order to build your kitchen. Then you move on to the bathrooms, family room, dining room, bedrooms and anything else that will be included in your house. Each specific component of your house requires the completion of certain tasks. Each life dream requires the completion of certain goals.

Designing your ideal life is a construction project.

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