The Power of Asking


If you want to excel and succeed financially in life you have to get into the habit of asking. Ask for help, ask for favors, ask for support for your initiatives. If you don’t ask you won’t get. Self-made millionaires figured this out during their journey. Successful people make it a habit of asking for whatever it is they need at the moment.

Fear holds most back from asking. Fear of rejection, fear of being indebted to someone because they gave you some help, fear associated with deepening a relationship. There are all types of fears that rear their ugly heads and stop you from asking. But self-made millionaires overcome those fears and get into the habit of asking. They get accustomed to the rejection and, after some time, rejection does not sting as much because some do say yes. And those yes’s help move them forward towards achieving their goals and realizing their dreams.

Asking is a Rich Habit. Start small. Ask for little things at first. Build up an immunity to rejection. After some time you will lose your timidity and you will start asking for bigger things. You will get many no’s but all you need is a few yes’s. The benefits you derive from those one of two yes’s make all of the no’s worth it.

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