Proper Planning Promotes Prosperity


Proper Planning Promotes Prosperity. Becoming wealthy requires planning. There are 10 types of planning that self-made millionaires engage in:

  1. Plan Their Day – 67% prepared daily To-Do Lists.
  2. Plan Their Ideal Life – 59% scripted their ideal life by defining their dreams and wishes.
  3. Plan Their Achievements – This same 59% then built goals around their dreams and wishes.
  4. Plan for Loss of Income – 72%, prior to becoming millionaires, had life insurance that averaged 5 times their income.
  5. Plan for Death – 54% had life insurance for estate planning purposes.
  6. Plan Their Weight – 57% counted their calories every day to manage their weight.
  7. Plan Their Health – 76% engaged in some type of cardio exercise 4 or more days a week to help manage their health.
  8. Plan Their Investing – 95% either used financial advisors (76%) or managed their investments themselves (19%).
  9. Plan Their Income – 65% created 3 or more streams of income.
  10. Plan Their Thinking – 63% used various techniques to foster positive thinking.

If you want to be wealthy, you’ve got to plan for it. Wealth happens in the precense of planning. Poverty happens in the absence of planning.



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