Why We Procrastinate


Procrastination should be a four letter word. When you hear the word, most cringe. Everyone does it, all the time. Sure, there are strategies you can use to overcome procrastination and you can find them everywhere, including my blog. But despite the most effective strategies, you will procrastinate. Why?

It’s neurological, for the most part. Taking action on something you don’t want to do requires that you exert willpower. Willpower engages your pre-frontal cortex (conscious part of brain). This engagement requires that the brain marshal additional fuel (glucose) that powers your brain. The brain does not like to use glucose. That’s why it created habits. Habits limit the consumption of brain fuel. Your own brain is begging you not to engage in any and all activities that need willpower to get you started. So, don’t beat yourself up about procrastination. It’s hardwired in all of us.

The most effective strategy to overcome procrastination is to do the willpower-driven activity when you have the most energy. For most, that’s the first thing in the morning, right after waking up, or after breakfast. Post-lunch is the worst time to engage in any willpower-driven activity (unless you follow lunch with a short nap, which restores energy) because that is when your energy resources are at their lowest.



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