Less Decision Making = More Brainpower


“What time should I wake up tomorrow morning?” “What shoes should I wear today?” “What will I eat for breakfast?” “What music will I listen to on my iPod?”

Each of these requires a decision. When we ponder about unimportant every day things, we put our brain to work. Decision making taxes the brain, depleting it of brain fuel (glucose). The more decisions we make in a day, the less brain power we have available. This is why self-made millionaires are so habit and process-oriented. They create daily habits that allow them to limit the number of decisions they have to make during the day. This frees their brains up for creative pursuits, problem solving and pursuing their goals.  Don’t believe me?

  • Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg wears the same type and color t-shirt every day.
  • Multi-millionaire, bestselling author and famed leadership expert Robin Sharma wears the same black shirt at all of his speaking/training events.
  • Joe Mansuedo (CEO Morningstar), Jeff Immelt (CEO GE), Tony Jeary (world famous leadership coach) and countless other multi-millionaires are members of the 5 am club, waking up every day at the same time – 5 am.
  • America’s first millionaire, Benjamin Franklin, followed the same daily routine every day.

This is why creating good daily habits is so important. They process success, while at the same time, free our brains up to engage in other important daily activities. The more daily habits you create, the less decision making you need to do, and the more brain power you have available to pursue important goals, create and to think.

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