Overcoming Average


Everyone experiences average. Average is that feeling you have when things are not going your way. Average makes you feel like you are stuck. When you’re stuck, you feel vulnerable. You have doubts. Your dreams feel like just that, dreams. But it’s part of the success process.

Pursuing success is mostly about overcoming average. Success requires doing certain little things every day that, in the long run, move you incrementally towards achieving the little goals that, in time, transform dreams into reality.

If you feel you are stuck in average, take heart; self-made millionaires live most of their lives feeling average. But, what separates the successful from everyone else is that those who succeed, keep trying. They plod along, day after day, feeling average. Then one day they hit a double, another day a triple. The home runs are always a surprise.

Life has a way of unexpectedly taking you from average to exceptional when you put in the effort every day. Dealing with adversity, overcoming obstacles, mistakes and failures makes you feel average, sometimes less than average. But it’s only temporary for those who do not give up on their dreams. You need to overcome average in order to achieve success. Overcoming average is what makes success so special because it makes those who persist realize, they’re anything but average.



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