New Shiny Object Syndrome


Most people do not pursue one singular dream for very long. When success does not happen overnight, they shift their attention to the next new thing to pursue. They jump from one venture to another when success is not immediate and the money comes hard. You’ve seen them all around you. Each year they are obsessed about something new that will make them a lot of money, such as becoming a published author, developing phone apps, creating you tube videos, becoming a real estate investor, business coach, trainer, financial planner, inventor etc.

I like to call this New Shiny Object Syndrome. New Shiny Object Syndrome prevents individuals from succeeding in life because these individuals have not developed the Rich Habits of focus, patience and persistence; three success habits that are a prerequisite for success. This malady prevents you from developing the necessary skills and knowledge that enable you to grow into the person you need to be in order for success to visit you.

64% of the self-made millionaires in my study pursued one singular goal for many, many years. They single-mindedly focused on the realization of one dream. Unfortunately, this takes time. 28% of those self-made millionaires did not get their big break until age 51. 31% had to wait until age 56. Another 21% didn’t catch their break until age 60. These millionaires were able to succeed because they stuck to one thing for many, many years. They learned what to do and what not to do by focusing on one thing. They did not give up on themselves. They did not allow themselves to give in to the temptation of New Shiny Object Syndrome.


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