Positive Thoughts Unlock Dormant Human Potential


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Most of our genes are made up of DNA. DNA = the self-replicating material (phosphates and sugars) present in nearly all living organisms. They are the main constituent of chromosomes. Inside the nucleus of each human cell is our DNA. This DNA is the same in every cell. DNA is the carrier of each person’s genetic information.

On June 26, 2000, Craig Venter and Francis Collins announced the completion of the mapping and sequencing of the entire human genome. Incredibly, Venter and Collins found that 97% of our DNA is switched “off”.  It came to be known as “Junk DNA”. Only 3% of each human being’s DNA is switched “on”. We sill do not know what the purpose of this Junk DNA is for. What powers do human beings have that lie dormant because those powers are switched off by our DNA?

Recent advances in Neuroscience, the study of the brain, are beginning to give us some clues as to the purpose of this Junk DNA. Incredible as it may seem, neuroscientists and geneticists are discovering that our very thoughts have the capacity to turn on certain genes; to make them active. Negative, worry thoughts turn on certain genes that suppress the immune system, leading to cancer, heart disease, obesity and many other ailments and diseases. Uplifting thoughts turn on certain genes that boost the immune system, increase neural activity (brain activity) and cause the suppression of the many diseases that plague humanity. New breakthroughs in neurology and genetics are leading to the conclusion that when we change our thoughts, we change your health and our DNA. The secret to turning on the hidden powers to each human being, to activating this 97% Junk DNA, may very well reside in how we think.

We now know that positive thoughts alter our DNA positively and negative thoughts alter our DNA negatively. Changing the way we think, from negative to positive, causes instantaneous human evolution. Positive thoughts may very well be the key to turning on our Junk DNA and unlocking the dormant powers that reside in each one of us.  



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