The Power of the Open Mind


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It’s no coincidence that self-made millionaires have made it a habit to be open-minded. Being open-minded is a prerequisite for success. The embrace of new ideas, new information and new knowledge requires an open mind. You simply cannot learn and grow as an individual if your mind is closed to the ideas of others. Yet most people are closed-minded, embracing certain ideologies and limiting beliefs that make it virtually impossible for them to grow as individuals. Being closed-minded limits your opportunities in life and stunts your growth, consigning you to a fate of mediocrity, poverty or failure. Being open-minded clears the path for unlimited opportunity and growth.

Question everything you believe in. Embrace new ideas, even if they initially challenge your sensibilities. Don’t ever close your mind to the ideas of others, no matter how outside your comfort zone those ideas may make you feel. Open-mindedness is not inherent. It’s a habit that you must consciously forge in life. Those who are open-minded, grow. Those who aren’t open-minded, don’t grow. Success is the by-product of growth.



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