Are You Operating at 100% of Your Potential?

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You’re preparing tax returns, you’re stocking shelves, you’re painting a house, you’re seeing patients, you’re cleaning houses, you’re working at whatever job that provides for your family. How much of that time do you actually feel you are operating at maximum potential? If you feel that you are hitting it out of the park every day, you are operating at 100% of your potential. You dig what you’re doing. You love your job. And it shows up in your pay check, which is probably significant. Consider yourself blessed. You’re one of 7%.

However, if you’re like most, your mind is often elsewhere. Usually, it’s thinking about what you’d like to be doing if you weren’t doing what you’re doing at the moment. I’ve got some good research on this and the numbers are staggering. Close to 96% of those who do not make much money, don’t like what they are doing for a living. 96%! You don’t like what you’re doing for a living because you’re not living up to your potential. Your potential utilization is far below 100%.

Those who at least like what they’re doing for a living utilize much more of their potential than the average Joe. Those who love what they are doing for a living have a 100% potential utilization rate. The closer you get to that 100%, the more you love what you do, the happier you and everyone in your family is, the more money you make and the wealthier you become. You simply cannot become rich, long-term rich, if you do not at least like what you do for a living.

If you want to be happy and successful in life, you need to get as close as possible to that 100% potential utilization rate. If you’re not even close, you are never going to achieve much in life. Life is short. You were meant to live up to your potential. Are you? What’s your potential utilization? If the answer is “much less than 100%”, then you’re in the wrong line of work and you will never realize financial success or true happiness in life.



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