What Would the Future You Do?


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Success is a process. A big part of that process requires that you create a blueprint of your future life. 500 words is all it takes. 500 words that describe the ideal, perfect future life you desire. When you know where you’re going, it’s much easier to find a route to get there. This is where the abundance of the subconscious mind comes in to play. When you develop this blueprint of your ideal, future life you are effectively turning on the switch to your subconscious mind. To be more specific, you are turning on the switch to something called the Reticular Activating System (RAS), an area of the brain that acts like a traffic cop for all of the information we take in from our senses. This RAS, when turned on, then goes to work seeking external information that will help guide you to the route you need to take in order to arrive at your ideal you destination.

Your blueprint can also act as a guide, directing you in your behavior and decision-making. Through intuition (the subconscious mind communicating with the conscious mind through a bundle of nerves inside the brain known as the corpus callosum) the subconscious can advise you of the correct course of action or to stop what you’re doing. With a blueprint in hand, intuition is a powerful tool unique to humanity. Without a blueprint, intuition has little value.

If you really want to succeed and live a meaningful life it begins by defining who you want to be in the future. Your future you can then come to the rescue. With a  blueprint, you are directed in your actions and choices by the future version of yourself. Your future you then becomes an invaluable resource. It can advise you what to do when faced with obstacles and difficult choices in life.

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