Who Are You Attracting Into Your Life?


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Birds of a feather flock together. We’ve all heard this saying many times before. In my study on the daily habits of the rich and poor one common thread among the rich was their desire to associate with other success-minded people and one of the traits of the poor was their desire to associate with those who were also struggling financially. It seemed to me that the poor subscribed to the misery loves company crowd because of this birds of a feather inclination people seem to have.

What I found interesting in my study was the fact that 177 of the rich were self-made. Thirty one percent of these 177 came from poor households and 45% came from middle-class backgrounds. Yet somewhere along the line these two groups decided to defy this birds of a feather inclination. They decided to associate with individuals outside their natural comfort zone – successful people. Why? They knew something everyone else didn’t: you attract specific people into your life by mimicking those people:

  • To attract successful people, you must be success-minded.
  • To attract positive people, you must be positive.
  • To attract visionaries, you must be a visionary.
  • To attract persistent people, you must be persistent.
  • To attract enthusiastic people, you must be enthusiastic.
  • To attract kind people, you must be kind.
  • To attract disciplined people, you must be disciplined.
  • To attract gifted people, you must be gifted.
  • To attract compassionate people, you must be compassionate.
  • To attract loyal people, you must be loyal.
  • To attract dedicated people, you must be dedicated.

When you adopt certain thinking traits you will attract like-minded people and you will repel unlike-minded people.

I have been pursuing success these past seven years and I can tell you that many people have joined my Rich Habits movement. And many of these same people jumped off that bandwagon. Why? Because they did not share the traits of persistence, vision, dedication and enthusiasm that I had adopted along the way. Unknowingly, my newly adopted traits eventually repelled those who lacked the same traits – those who would drag me down, distract me and hold me back.

If you want to succeed in life, you need to adopt those traits that will attract success-minded people. The byproduct is the creation of a team of like-minded, success oriented people. So let me ask you, who are you attracting into your life? If you’re not happy with who is in your life, you need to work on you first. Once you adopt the traits of success-minded people, you will find yourself attracting other success-minded people and repelling those who would drag your down and hold you back.

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