Office Makeovers: How to Create an Inspirational Workspace

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Many entrepreneurs, small business owners and employees have a home office that they work out of frequently if not all the time. There may be days when the thought of sitting down to eight hours of work at your desk seems less than appealing. Office spaces in dark rooms with cluttered desks and not a personal touch to be seen make getting down to business even more difficult. If this sounds like your working life, Kaitlin Krull is here to offer you a few tips that will transform your office into one that will make you feel comfortable and proud. Here are some simple tips from Kaitlin for creating a workspace that will motivate and inspire you.

Keep it simple
Clutter is the natural enemy of productivity. If there is too much going on in your office space, you mind is more likely to wander and your output will suffer. Keep your workspace tidy and keep decoration to a tasteful minimum in order to achieve maximum efficiency.

Just because your desk is a place for work doesn’t mean that it needs to be completely devoid of character. Adding a few of your favorite photos and pieces of art to your work space will make you more comfortable there, which should in turn increase productivity.

The brighter, the better
There is nothing worse than sitting down to work in a dark, dingy office. Whenever possible, keep your desk close to windows to let in both light and fresh air and to clear your mind. If you work from home, paint the walls white or a bright, light reflecting color to keep you alert and motivated when sitting at your desk.

Motivational materials
When you personalize your office space, consider hanging a few positive quotes on the wall. Graphic design has come a long way since the days of old office motivational posters, so choose your favorites and make them your mantras. Photographs of family, friends, and your favorite places also work wonders getting you over the midweek hump.

Get comfortable…
…but not too comfortable! Office chairs are often less than stellar when it comes to comfort, so, if you have the choice, opt for a chair that keeps your back straight and your body happy. Just be careful not to choose a chair with too much cushioning or recline, or you run the risk of falling asleep at your desk.

The best office space is an organized office space. When you have a place for everything and everything is in its place, you spend less time rifling through piles of paperwork and more time actually getting work done. A corkboard and a few file boxes really do make a world of difference when it comes to productivity.

If you’re an entrepreneur, small business owner or someone who works out of their home office check out They have thousands of pictures of beautiful office spaces that will inspire you to customize your home office space. If you remember to keep it tidy, simple, and personal, your workspace can become a more productive and motivational place in which you pursue your goals and your dreams.

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