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I hate to tell you this, but your life is not under your control. Your behavior, your thinking, the choices and decisions you make, what you spend your money on, what you eat and drink, who you associate with, the T.V. shows you watch, the Internet sites you visit and so much more. Your life as you know it, if you’re like most, is one big zombie life.

We are all being bombarded, every day, with outside influences:  T.V ads, Internet pop ups, tweets, text messages, newspapers, the books you read and the habits you’ve adopted all influence your behavior and thinking. And there is only one way to regain control of your life.

AWARENESS. If you want to take control of your life it starts with AWARENESS. You must become aware of those things that are influencing your thinking and behavior. Here’s a process to help you do just that. Take out 7 pieces of paper. On each piece of paper write the following heading:

  • Sheet #1 – My Daily Habits
  • Sheet #2 – T.V. Shows I Watched
  • Sheet #3 – Internet Sites I Visited
  • Sheet #4 – Tweets/Social Media Messages I Read
  • Sheet #5 – Topics I Read
  • Sheet #6 – Topics of Conversation I Had With Others
  • Sheet #7 – Ads I Viewed

On each separate sheet of paper make 7 columns, one for each day of the week. Now the fun begins. Every day write down and track each of your habits, T.V. Shows, Internet Sites, Tweets/Social Media Messages, Reading Topics, Conversation Topics and Ads Viewed. You can customize your headings on each sheet or add sheets to include other categories you feel are having an outside influence on your behavior and thinking (i.e. radio, movies, podcasts, webinars, talking on the cell phone, etc.). The purpose of this exercise is to identify those things that are influencing your behavior and thinking.

By the end of the week you will have a comprehensive list of most of the things that influence your behavior and thinking. Once you know what is influencing you, only then can you take control of your life by identifying and then eliminating those things that are having a negative influence on your behavior. Put a Negative sign “-” next to each item that you believe is negatively influencing your behavior and thinking. Change is only possible with AWARENESS. Once you become aware of those things that are negatively influencing your behavior and thinking, you can eliminate them from your daily life.


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