Ignorance – An Entrepreneur’s Greatest Asset


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Recently, Darren Hardy asked billionaire Mark Cuban what unique super powers he had that gave him the confidence to pursue so many different start-ups so successfully and Cuban responded – ignorance. He just didn’t know any better about all of the pitfalls, hurdles, and nuances about the businesses he started. His ignorance saved the day.

When Elon Musk started SpaceX he knew nothing about rocketry. He told the press that by early 2004 SpaceX would launch its first rocket, the Falcon 1, into space and that it would be accomplished at a cost of $20 million. In August, 2008, after three failed attempts and a cost of $120,000 million, the Falcon 1 soared into space and attained orbit – the first privately financed rocket in history to do so. Many of the key leaders on the SpaceX team confessed that had they known about all of the many problems they would encounter and how much it would cost to overcome all of those problems, SpaceX would have likely never been born. Their collective ignorance saved the day.

There are countless other stories about successful entrepreneurs who started companies without having any real experience in the endeavor. Most of those start-ups would have never been attempted had the entrepreneurs knew more about the difficulties they would encounter. Ignorance is often an entrepreneur’s greatest asset.

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