Here’s Why Habits Are So Important


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Habits represent unconscious behavior, thinking, choices and emotions. A habit is formed when neurons (brain cells) talk to one another repetitively. A neuron is three things: the nucleus, the axon (cable) and the dendrites (branches similar to a tree). When neurons get mapped inside the brain as a “habit” here’s what happens:

  • The myelin sheath (fatty substance that surrounds each axon) gets thicker. Thicker means healthier and better.
  • The # of neurons talking to one another gets reduced.
  • The chemicals released by the axons and received by the dendrites speed up.

Why is this important to know? The larger the myelin sheath, the larger the axon. Large axons translate into higher intelligence. Bigger axons increase your IQ. The lower the # of neurons needed to talk to one another, the lower the consumption of brain fuel (glucose and oxygen). The brain cannot store brain fuel. It has to get it from the body. So the brain naturally prefers habits. The faster the release and receipt of chemicals by the axons and dendrites, the less effort is required by the neurons. The end result is a more efficient, better communication process between neurons.

In short, habits make the brain work better. The brain is always looking to create habits for this reason. Habits put you on autopilot. If you adopt good, daily success habits, this puts you on autopilot for success.


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