Dream Big, Expect Small


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While it may sound contradictory to dream big and, at the same time, set low expectations, it isn’t. The reality is that when you pursue any dream or major initiative it is an emotional roller coaster ride and you need to manage the emotions associated with those ups and downs. Your dream creates the long-term vision that keeps you focused on the big picture. Your expectations with respect to overcoming the day to day hurdles, however, are short-term matters and should be low. This way you are better able to either meet those expectations or exceed them.

Too many unmet expectations will lead to a feeling of hopelessness and result in a negative mental outlook. This negativity is like a cancer that eats away at your confidence and mental toughness. If a negative mental outlook takes root it can become emotionally too much to bare, causing you to raise the white flag and quit on your dream.

Conversely, if you set low expectations and exceed them, this increases your confidence and strengthens your positive mental outlook, infusing you with optimism, enthusiasm and an overall sense of contentment. One of the things I learned in my research and in this Rich Habits journey I’m on is that achieving success is contingent on maintaining a positive mental outlook. Managing expectations makes that possible by smoothing out the emotional wrinkles one experiences in pursuing success. Setting low expectations will keep you from quitting on your dream.

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