Show Me Your Friends and I’ll Show You Your Future


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One of the most important roles of a parent is monitoring and influencing the type of friends they allow their children to associate with. Parents who take this role seriously, do not allow their children to become friends with just anyone. No, these responsible parents scrutinize those friends. They prevent their children from associating with anyone who they perceive to be a negative influence. When parents do their job, with respect to the Law of Association, they set their kids up for success in life.

But not all parents are created equal. There are far too many parents who do not comprehend the importance of the Law of Association. These parents allow their children to become friends with just about anyone. In so doing, they are gambling with the very lives of their children. And that’s a big mistake!

Aside from our parents, the friends we choose to associate with in life will have the most influence over the course of our lives. Friends can help lift us up or drag us down. High quality friends have good habits, a positive mental outlook and a desire to improve their lives. Low quality friends have bad habits, a negative mental outlook and no desire to improve their lives.

It’s actually quite easy for parents to determine if their kids are associating with high quality friends or low quality friends. They need look no further than the parents of those friends. Kids are often a mirror of their parents habits, behaviors and thinking. You vet who your kids associate with by vetting the parents of those kids. High quality parents will produce high quality kids. Low quality parents will produce low quality kids.

Who do you want your children associating with? Low quality friends will undermine all of your hard work as a parent. So take a good, hard look at the friends of your children and take an even harder look at the parents of those friends because your child’s future may very well be in their hands.

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