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It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor. Everyone has good habits and bad habits. Good habits will make you rich. Bad habits will make you poor. This is why I refer to them as Rich Habits and Poverty Habits. If you want to be successful in life you need to have more good habits than bad habits. Habits, whether good or bad, are hard to change. Experts debate how to change a habit and how long it takes. I’m here to tell you to forget about trying to get rid of your Poverty Habits by force of will. It doesn’t work. Instead, focus on adding a couple of Rich Habits.

Here’s why. Life is like a seesaw. On one side of the seesaw are your Poverty Habits and on the other side are your Rich Habits. If you have more Poverty Habits than Rich Habits you will be poor. If you have more Rich Habits than Poverty Habits you will be rich. Adding just two or three Rich Habits is all it takes to change your life and get your seesaw tipping in the right direction. You don’t need to worry about getting rid of any of your habits. Just add some good ones. The interesting thing is that Rich Habits are like dominoes. When you add a Rich Habit it changes your other habits. Adding Rich Habits actually makes it easier to eliminate your Poverty Habits.

Let me give you an example. Suppose you add the Rich Habit of jogging 20-30 minutes every day. What happens? You begin to lose weight. Someone notices and compliments you. You feel good. So you keep exercising. More people notice and they compliment you. You feel even better than before. Now you start to crave more of those compliments. So you start to watch what you eat. You throw in a few vegetables and throw out a few bags of potato chips. The number of junk food calories you eat (a Poverty Habit) starts to go down. Then you decide to jog even more. But the problem is you smoke cigarettes and you cough like a maniac after every jog. You decide to cut back on smoking cigarettes (a Poverty Habit), maybe even eliminate them.

This is the power of the Rich Habits. No will power required. When you add a few Rich Habits to your daily routine they compete with and eventually overpower your Poverty Habits. Your seesaw then begins to tip in the right direction….. towards success!

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