The Wealthy “To Do” List – How the Rich Plan Their Day

In my five year study on the daily habits of the rich and the poor I tracked over 300 activities that separate these two groups. When it comes to planning their day and getting things accomplished, the wealthy and the poor see and do things very differently.

Let’s take a look at the research:

  • 62% of the wealthy are focused on their goals every day vs. 6% for the poor
  • 67% of the wealthy put their goals in writing. 83% of the poor do not
  • 73% of the wealthy plan out their day vs. 3% for the poor
  • 81% of the wealthy, who do plan their day, maintain a daily to do list. Less than 1% of the poor use a daily to do list

The daily to do list is one of the tools the wealthy use to prevent procrastination, accomplish their goals and maintain control over their day. They set a daily goal of accomplishing 70-80% of the tasks on their daily to do list. Why? There are three reasons:

  1. The wealthy understand that, at the very least, procrastination can result in poor quality products or services leading to unhappy customers/clients, causing a loss of those unhappy customers/clients or. At the very worst, procrastination can result in litigation, from customers/clients who were damaged in some way by those poor quality products or services.  Procrastination can cause a loss of income. Wealthy people understand that you cannot become wealthy if you procrastinate.
  2. To do lists help the wealthy accomplish their short-term and long-term goals.
  3. To do lists give the wealthy control over their day and their lives.

There are two types of daily to dos:

  1. Goal To Dos – These are daily tasks tied to monthly, yearly and long-term goals. These are almost always fixed in nature, meaning the same to dos show up every day on the to do list. For example: “Make Ten Telemarketing Phone Calls”.
  2. Non-Goal To Dos – These are to dos that are unrelated to any goals. They may be administrative tasks (i.e. Respond to Emails), client tasks (i.e. Meeting with Client) or daily obligations (i.e. Go to Bank). They may be fixed, daily tasks or they may vary daily.




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