Infidelity – A Bad Habit That Could Put You and Your Family in the Poor House


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In my Rich Habits Study 32% of the wealthy were divorced at least once and 46% of the poor were divorced at least once. While part of the reason the divorce rate was higher for the poor was due to already existing financial problems, 53% was due to infidelity. And 9% of the poor who were divorced, had extra-marital affairs with colleagues at work. The vast majority (67%) of the poor who got divorced due to infidelity at work, lost their job as a result. Two of the individuals who lost their jobs were making in excess of $400,000 at the time of their firing and were unable to find employment in their industry, which precipitated their fall into poverty.

Infidelity in marriage, that leads to divorce, not only undermines families, it can throw the entire family into poverty. Cheating on your spouse can put you and your family in the poor house and, consequently, it is most definitely a Poverty Habit.


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  1. Sam pittsburgh says:

    Until I found Tom Corley this past week studying utube videos on wealth habits, the ‘Millionnaire Next Door’ was the Holy Grail of understanding 1st-generation wealth. Now, Tom is rapidly filing up my listening time while I’m driving and working listening to his data. Thanks Tom….I’m getting a new edge…

    • Tks Sam, for your kind words. I can’t tell you how grateful it makes me feel. This has been a labor of love for 11 years now. My teaching is just starting to bleed into Main Street thanks to individuals like yourself.

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