Earn Your Way Out and Stop Being a Wage Slave


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According to the data from my Rich Habits Study, 96% of those struggling with poverty, hated their job. Other independent studies indicate that the total percentage of workers in the U.S., poor and non-poor, who hate their job is somewhere between 71% – 90%.

So, let me ask you a question. Do you hate your job? Do you start to feel that knot in your stomach around 6 pm Sunday night? Do you wake up Monday morning and think, “oh no, it’s Monday”?  Well, you’re in good company. Being a wage slave is no fun. It’s not a life.

There are only two ways of escaping wage slavery:

  1. Live Below Your Means (Spend Less Than You Earn) or
  2. Expand Your Mean (Earn More Than You Spend).

Both ways are hard. Both ways take time. In the first escape approach, you sock away 20% or more of your net pay, prudently invest that savings and, over time, those savings compound. Eventually, you’ll have enough money saved to enable you to quit your slave job in 25 – 35 years. If you’re in your early 20’s, that means emancipation sometime between your mid 40’s or mid 50’s, depending on your earnings.

In the second escape approach, you either get a 2nd part-time job or you pursue some side business. In both cases, once again, you prudently invest the savings and, over time, those savings compound. Eventually, the compounded savings from the part-time job will enable you to quit your slave job in 25 – 35 years. In the case of the side business, the time line for quitting your slave job will be significantly less. Somewhere between 5 – 10 years, depending on the profitability and your passion for that side business.

It’s up to you to adopt a plan to escape your slave job and take action implementing that plan. Human beings were not intended to toil away in a job they do not like. It’s simply not in our DNA; our human pre-programming. Human DNA is unique among all living things for a reason we, as of yet, do not comprehend. That pre-programming, that special software, speaks to us every day. And it says, “create, grow, expand, evolve and be happy.”

Make a plan today and take action. And when you do, that is when you will find true happiness.


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