Daily Exercise Increases Your Willpower and Self-Control


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Willpower is very much like a muscle. The more you exercise it, the stronger and more powerful it becomes. How do you exercise your willpower? Simple, just exercise every day. The latest science on willpower is clear: daily exercise not only benefits your muscles and health, it also boosts your willpower and self-control. It’s like hitting a double in baseball. You get two for one when you exercise every day: better health and more willpower.

Why is willpower so important? Depletion of willpower results in bad decision making and causes you to lapse into old bad habits. The latest science on willpower indicates that willpower depletion, also known as decision fatigue, is behind drug addiction, alcoholism, overeating, infidelity, gambling and many other vices. When your willpower is depleted, watch out.  The wake you leave behind can be devastating: damage to your family relationships, damaged friendships, damaged work relationships, poor your health, bad finances (spontaneous purchases occur when willpower is low) and all of these bad things will send your life spiraling downward. So, rid yourself of your demons by exercising every day. You and everyone around you will be better off for it.

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