Commit, Act, Pivot


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There are three constituent parts of every Success Journey: Commit, Act and Pivot.

Commit to the pursuit of a dream. Commitment requires that you make a decision to pursue a dream.

Act means you take action. You start developing goals around your dream and begin pursuing each goal. Every dream is composed of multiple goals. Taking action to achieve each goal gets you closer to realizing your dream.

Pivot during the goal pursuit process. Oftentimes, the path towards the accomplishment of a goal changes. New facts, new information and new insights provide new knowledge. Knowledge that you did not have before you began the goal pursuit process. This new knowledge should not alter your goal, but it should alter the course of action you take in pursuit of the goal. Pivoting means taking different action due to new information. This is why, whenever you are pursuing a dream, and the goals that make the dream possible, it is critical to learn everything you can about your dreams and your goals. The more information you acquire, the greater the likelihood you will stumble upon the right course of action that will enable you to realize your dream. Pivoting means altering the action you take in pursuit of the goals that, once realized, will get you closer to your dream.

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  1. Sam Smith Pittsburgh,PA says:

    Pivoting….it’s very applicable to today to get ahead…the old industrialists made their fortune without much pivoting as the process to get the desired result was simpler…

    now, the astute person must be ready to digest more info on short notice and adjust his direction for success!

    I always seek info but then there is a point of ‘aaturation’s of info and I go w/the gut and likely outcome..

  2. Savannah Morgan says:

    I love this I label “Pivoting” as “Adjusting your Sails” all of which is crucial to success!! Thanks Tom

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