The Be – Do – Have Formula For Happiness and a Successful Life


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I recently read a very interesting piece written by Benjamin Hardy titled: 35 Things You Should Know Before Becoming Successful and it reminded me of some of the research I had gathered regarding happiness. One of the problems with happiness is that we have all been programmed to seek happiness, as if it were some goal.

So we go out and buy stuff either by saving money or accumulating debt. Purchasing things creates short-term happiness. Eventually that happiness fades away. Meanwhile, the money’s gone or the debt has to be paid, and that creates unhappiness.

Or we pursue careers that will give us the greatest potential for high compensation because we believe that if we can make a lot of money we can purchase happiness with our high earnings. So, we work long hours, slaving away, and over time we realize we are unhappy. We don’t like what we do for a living. When that happens, it really doesn’t matter how big our house is, how nice a car we drive, how much stuff we’re able to shove down our family’s throats.

Happiness is not a goal, it’s a state of mind, it’s a state of being. The three step formula for happiness is as follows:

  1. Be first: Be the person you want to be. If that’s happiness, be happy for what you have. If that’s a writer, become a writer. If that’s a business owner, become a business owner. If that’s a better father or husband, be a better father or husband.
  2. Do next: Do the things today that make you the person you want to be. Start expressing gratitude for the things you have today, start writing today, start that business today, start doing things that make you a better father or husband today.
  3. Have: When you Be and Do, you will eventually get what you desire. If that’s happiness, you will have happiness. If that’s a career as a writer, you will have that career, if it’s your own business, you will have that business, if it’s a family that adores you, you will have it.

Our thoughts and the actions we take, attract to us the life we desire.

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