Beliefs Can Make You Smarter and Better Looking


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No doubt you’ve probably heard so much about the power of beliefs that you’re numb to it. But I recently read about a study conducted by Yale professor Bernie Siegel that opened my eyes. Prof. Siegel studied people who had multiple personalities. Amazingly, when one personality took over, Siegel noticed changes in physical appearance. Eye color changed and birthmarks disappears. Their very DNA was changing along with their personalities. All because they believed themselves to be someone else. This study showed that beliefs are so powerful they can change your very cell structure and alter your DNA, causing wholesale changes throughout the body.

Now imagine that you believe yourself to be the best actor, accountant, salesman, or (fill in the blank). Imagine you are able to believe it down to your bones. What will happen? Your new belief will alter your behavior. You’ll start doing things only the best in your profession do. Your new belief will prompt you to devote more time in perfecting your knowledge and skills in whatever profession you believe yourself to be the best in. You’ll start reading more, asking more questions, experimenting with new and better approaches to things. It will work its way down to your brain cells, causing them to fire up with other brain cells in order to create new synapses that make being the best possible. These new synapses will make you smarter. You will eventually start to realize the success that only the best in your profession experience: more money, more prestige, powerful relationships. In short, your entire life will change. That’s the power of beliefs.

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  1. Hi Thomas, thanks for this article. Can you please link to this study you found? I’d love to learn more about this idea, but I’m not able to find anything published. Thanks!

  2. Great ,loved it

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