The Two G’s of Success


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If I were to boil success down to two success characteristics they would be Grit and Growth.

Those with Grit never quit on their dreams and their goals. No number of obstacles, rejections or failures that life throws at them stops them from pursuing their dreams and goals. They simply go at it every day and never stop trying.

Grit is acquired by two means: habit and passion. Individuals raised from a young age in an environment in which they must fight for every scrap develop the habit of grit. Those without this habit, nonetheless can acquire the grit characteristic by being raised from a young age in an environment that encourages them to pursue their passions in life. Grit is often joined at the hip with passion. Passion provides the motivation to never quit.

Those who are perpetually growing, seek to expand their knowledge and skills on a daily basis. A growth mindset is acquired by three means: habit, inborn and passion. Individuals raised at a young age in an environment that encourages daily learning develop the habit of growing every day. Those not raised in such an environment, nonetheless, may possess this characteristic if they are born curious. Fortunately, curiosity seems to be an innate human trait. We are, to some extent, and some more than others, innately curious. So curiosity is hard wired into our humanity. Those not raised in a growth environment or weak in curiosity can still acquire this characteristic. Pursuing something you are passionate about can transform even the most disinterested person into a growth fanatic.

The common denominator for Grit and Growth is passion. No matter your circumstances in life or your genetic makeup, passion is the great equalizer.

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