Which Success Plan Are You Following?


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Our public education system in the U.S. has an agenda. It is working overtime to indoctrinate our children to accept it’s success plan. What is that success plan? Go to college, get a good job, get promoted and after 30 years retire and live off your savings and retirement money, supplemented by Social Security.

The 99%’s who follow this success plan eventually find out it doesn’t work. It doesn’t work because employers don’t cooperate. They have this habit of firing people when business slows or the economy falters.

Fortunately, there are some out there who don’t buy in to the public school success plan. I like to call them the 1%’s. These 1%’s, at least from what my research tells me, were indoctrinated by their parents or some mentor in their lives, to follow a very different success plan. The success plan they follow is to go for their dreams. Take a risk and be daring. Build goals around those dreams and pursue those goals.

Under this success plan, the 1%’s are taught to never put their ladder on someone else’s wall by following someone else’s life plan or someone else’s dreams for them. They are encouraged to pursue their own dreams, to grow their knowledge base through daily self-education and to hone their skills until their skills put them in the top 1% of performers in their industry, career or niche.

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you are already one of those who has learned the hard way that the public school success plan doesn’t work. You’re frustrated, disillusioned, and maybe more than a little pissed off that you were led down the wrong path in life. But, you’re also not dead. Which means you can change the success plan you’ve been following. Today’s a good day to do that.

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