Uncertainty Does Not Like Being in the Presence of the Courageous


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Those who realize success, a dream, accomplish big goals or relentlessly pursue something they are passionate about are courageous and maybe even heroic. They’re heroic for one reason: they do not quit even though the outcome is uncertain.

Uncertainty holds most back from pursuing success. Uncertainty is omnipresent, up until the time you actually succeed. This means that those who pursue success are faced with uncertainty constantly.

Uncertainty is that unwelcome companion who rides along with you, like a passenger on a train, forever by your side. They never leave your side during your success journey. That companion will follow you to every stop along your success train ride. They board the train with you from the moment you decide to take a risk and pursue a dream. And that companion will fill your mind with all sorts of negative outcomes. “This is a waste of time”, “You can’t possibly succeed”, “What makes you think you’re different from others who have tried and failed”, “What makes you think you’re like others who have succeeded”, “You’re not good enough”, “You’re not smart enough”, “You don’t have what it takes”. 

Your uncertainty companion will never stop trying to deflate you and distract you. They will stay with you until the bitter end. Your uncertainty companion will only abandon you when it realizes that, despite all of its efforts, you are never going to quit, and success is a foregone conclusion. When there is light at the end of the tunnel, you will notice that your uncertainty companion is no longer sitting along side you on your train.

If you are on such a journey, you will face uncertainty almost the entire time. Most can’t take it. Most quit. Most will fail. But if you’re reading this, you’re not most. You’re different. Never quit on your dream. Don’t let uncertainty cloud your thinking. Never give in to the relentless clamor of uncertainty. Eventually uncertainty will flee. Uncertainty does not enjoy the company of the courageous.

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  3. Mr. Corley, I really appreciate your tips and your guidance. Could you give me tips to enable me control compulsive buying which I do when I am upset or when I like something but don’t need it. After buying I keep it for a few days then give it away. In this way I waste my hard-earned savings. I want to have more control on my purchases. For eg. I have bought so many purses on different shopping trips but am not using them. Infact I try to think of ways to dispose them off. Inspite of being aware of this if I see a new purse I am not able to stop myself from purchasing it. Regards

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