The Cycle of Success


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Every self-made millionaire suffers through pitfalls, mistakes and failures. Those pitfalls, mistakes and failure teach them what to do and what not to do. They then forge habits that help them overcome similar pitfalls and prevent similar mistakes and failures. When they are confronted with another obstacle that could potentially be a another pitfall or cause them to make another mistake or fail again, those new habits come to the rescue, helping them avoid the pitfalls, mistakes and failures and realize success. This success gives them a higher level of confidence – they overcame the pitfall, avoided the mistake or did not fail. That new success infuses them with confidence to take on new and bigger challenges.

It’s the cycle of success:

Good Habits Help You Overcome Future Pitfalls, Mistakes and Failures, Which Creates Success.

Success Produces Confidence, Which Eliminates Future Doubts and Fears.

In the Absence of Doubt and Fear, You Take on New Challenges and Realize More Success, Which Creates More Confidence.

That’s why good habits are so important – they set the cycle of success in motion.


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