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One of the many questions I had asked while conducting my Rich Habits study was focused on how rich people built their relationships. I could write a book just on the information and strategies I uncovered from that one question – hello call, happy birthday call, life event call, networking, volunteering, mentoring others, identifying relationships to build (Rich Relationships) and relationships to avoid like the plague (Toxic Relationships), etc. I literally have hundreds of pages on the strategies the wealthy used to create their team of power relationships. And they used those relationships like a howitzer while they blazed a path of success for themselves and their families. But there’s one strategy that stood out which helped transform ordinary relationships into a devoted base of fanatical Success Servants. I call it the 20 Minute Connector Strategy. Here’s how it works.

The self-made millionaires in my study devoted 20 minutes or more each day going through a list of relationships they wanted to grow to see if there was any way they could connect them with others, who might need their skills. This 20 Minute Connector Strategy involves two steps:

Step #1 – Identify Opportunities

There are always opportunities to connect people. You just have to make yourself aware of those opportunities. And they are all around you. Here’s an example:

You learn that a new bar is going to open in your town. So, you ask yourself what does a bar need? It needs TVs, a sound system, build out (construction), someone to help with the books and taxes, maybe some legal work, workers compensation insurance, liability insurance, furniture, fixtures, computer systems, computer software, waiters, waitresses, bar tenders, etc.

Step #2 Make a Connection

We all know people who have specific skills. When an opportunity arises, self-made millionaires connect the people they know with those skills with the people who need those skills. In the case of the bar opportunity, a self made millionaire would go through their contact database and ask themselves one question: Do I know anyone who has skills who can help the bar owner(s)? They would than compile a list of those skilled individuals and then reach out to the bar owner(s) and connect the owner(s) with those skilled individuals. This benefits both the bar owner and the skilled worker. If the two decide to do business together, you’ve just converted two individuals into Success Servants. They now see you differently. They see you as someone who they want to stay connected to because you have relationships they need to help them succeed.

When you spend 20 minutes each day connecting people like this, it will eventually become a daily success habit. In time, you will not even need to scour you contact database. Their names will become part of your long-term memory due to repetition. That 20 minute daily investment then takes only a few minutes of looking for connection opportunities. Becoming a connector will transform ordinary relationships into Success Servants who will want to help you because you helped them. It’s just human nature. Those who help others succeed in life create devotees who want to reciprocate.


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