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There are people who consume your time without adding any value in return. These individuals will call you on the phone often, picking your brain endlessly. Or they will email you repetitively. Or they plop themselves in your office or place of business and take up your time.

These are time consumers. Time consumers do not value or respect your time. You are a pawn to them. For time consumers it’s a one-sided relationship – they benefit from their time with you and you receive nothing in return except lost time.

Individuals who consume your time and do nothing to help you move forward on your goals and dreams are time consumers who must be avoided at all costs. They are focused only on their needs, goals and dreams. Your needs, goals and dreams are meaningless to them. Make a list of all of the time consumers in your life and then make it a daily habit of avoiding them or minimizing how much time you spend with them. Your time is limited. It has value. Only associate with individuals who respect your time. Disassociate yourself with those who are time consumers. They are pursuing success for only one person – themselves.

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