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56% of the wealthy in my study married right. What I mean is that they married a spouse who was success-minded, just like they were. Their spouse either partnered with them in their business or were their biggest cheerleader and supporter.

Despite what you may have read in the romance novels or seen in the movies, you can fall in love with anyone. There is no one person out there for you. Finding a spouse who shares your work ethic, financial goals and life plan is crucial to success. So how do you find the perfect mate?

You begin by defining the perfect mate. Write a bio or script of the perfect mate. Besides looks, define the ideal characteristics you want in a future spouse:

  • What’s Their Mental Outlook? – Are they positive, optimistic, enthusiastic, etc.
  • What’s Their Work Ethic?
  • What’s Their Level of Education?
  • What’s Their Attitude About Lifelong Learning – Are they readers? Do they like to learn new, novel things?
  • How Do They Feel About Money?
  • Are They Frugal About Spending Money?
  • Are They Savers?
  • Are They Risk Averse?
  • Are They Energetic?
  • Are They Charitable?
  • Are They Supportive?
  • What’s Their Life Plan Look Like?
  • Do They Like to Travel?
  • Do They Love Kids?
  • Do They Ever Get Depressed?
  • Do They Drink Alcohol? If so, how much?
  • Do They Exercise Regularly?
  • What Are Their Dreams and Goals in Life?
  • Do They Have A Lot of Friends? Are They Outgoing?

Try to paint a picture with words. That becomes your blueprint for finding the ideal spouse. If you don’t know who you want to marry, you could end up spending your life with someone who does not share your dreams, goals or life plan. Remember, success is a process. A big part of that process is who your surround yourself with. Make sure you surround yourself with individuals who are success-minded like you!

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