How Your Thoughts Create Your Reality


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Your brain takes in 11 million bits of information per second. Unfortunately, the brain can only process 40 bits of information per second. Which 40 bits does it choose to accept?

The answer to that question dictates the type of life you create. Will that 40 bits be negative information or positive information? Will it be tied to some dreams or goals you are pursuing? Will it be tied to some long-held beliefs embedded deep in your subconscious? Will it take in information tied to your passions?

The 40 bits of information that flow into your brain will be dictated primarily by two things:

  1. Your mental outlook (positive or negative) and
  2. Those things that are, at the moment, occupying your mind.

Those 40 bits that your brain accepts, pull or push you in certain directions. If you have a positive mental outlook, your brain will accept information that reinforces your positivity. If you are pursuing some passion, dream or goals tied to your passions and dreams, your brain will accept information that it perceives as critical to pursuing your passions, realizing your dreams or achieving your goals.

There are thousands of neuro-receptors on each brain cell in your body. Each neuro-receptor is like a lock. It can only be opened by a specific key, or neurotransmitter. Your mental outlook, and those things that are occupying your mind, cause your brain cells to release certain neurotransmitters. Those neurotransmitters are instinctively drawn to specific neuro-receptors. When they find the right neuro-receptor, that is when brain cells begin talking to one another. What conversation they have depends on your mental outlook and on those things you are focused on.

When you have a positive mental outlook, the conversation will be about how to maintain your optimism, happiness, enthusiasm, confidence or any other positive thought. Your brain will look for things in your environment, those 40 bits of information, that will perpetuate your positive mental outlook.

If you are pursuing a passion, dreams or goals, the conversation will be about how to pursue, realize and achieve those passions, dreams or goals. The 40 bits of information allowed in could be information that leads to aha moments, like-minded people that will help you with your passions, dreams or goals or any information that will advance you in your passions, dreams or goals.

Thoughts are catalysts for creating your reality. They create the neuro-chemical reactions that help you build the life of your dreams. Make sure those thoughts are positive and directed towards pursuing some passion, dream or goal.


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  1. Wonderful and scientific explanation of how our brain moulds our life !
    All the more reason to be positive in all circumstances.

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