How to Eliminate Beliefs That Are Keeping You Poor

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We all have negative and limiting beliefs that hold us back in life. Most of these beliefs came from our parents and were forged during our early childhood years, prior to the age of nine. These negative and limiting beliefs cause us to develop habits that hold us back in our adult lives. Most are not even aware of the negative and limiting beliefs they have. These beliefs prevent us from becoming successful in life and in many cases they act like an anchor dragging us down into failure, poverty and a life of misery. If you want to be wealthy and successful in life you need to remove and replace these negative and limiting beliefs. Here’s how:

Step #1 List Your Beliefs – For one week, write down everything you believe. Be 100% honest with yourself about every one of your beliefs. Here’s some examples:

  • I believe I am smart (stupid or average)
  • I believe I am ugly (good looking or average looking)
  • I believe I am hard working (lazy or in the middle)
  • Money is good (or evil)
  • Rich people are generous (or greedy)

Keep a pad with you and as your beliefs pop into your head while walking, watching TV, reading, eating, or whenever, write them down.

Step #2 Identify Each Negative or Limiting Belief – Take a look at each of your beliefs. Which ones are negative? Which ones are limiting beliefs?

Step #3 Select 1 Negative or Limiting Belief You Want to Change.

Step #4 Create Affirmations Around the 1 Belief You Want to Change.

Step #5 Create a Script of the Future You With Your New Belief.

Step #6 100 Day Challenge – For 100 consecutive days, in the morning and at night, read your script and repeat the affirmations.

Beliefs are habits, or more precisely, habitual thoughts. It takes anywhere from 18 days to 256 days to change a habit. The 100 Day Challenge helps build the new habit neurological infrastructure inside your brain. After 100 consecutive days your new belief should take hold. After 100 days, select a new negative or limiting belief you would like to change and repeat Steps 4-6, In one year’s time you will have eliminated at least 3 negative or limiting beliefs that have been holding your back.

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  1. Muhammad Shafqat Rasool says:

    Very Helpful

  2. Hi Thomas, the steps you advise in your article are simple and doable. I’ve never thought about writing every negative belief I have and then systematically eliminating one by one.

    You mention people should write affirmations and create a future script to change these negative beliefs. Do you have an example of how to write affirmations or future scripts? I’d like to see one 🙂

  3. I think another of the myths poor people believe is that frugality is not a habit of the wealthy. That’s not true! Frugality is a characteristic of the truly wealthy, those who don’t spend on short-term indulgences. Affluent-looking people are so often totally broke. So people avoid frugality as “poor people” behavior, when in fact being frugal could change their financial life for the better, even if only practiced temporarily to meet some important goal (getting out of debt, saving for an emergency fund or down payment on a home, etc).

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