This One Keystone Habit Will End Your Poverty

40% of all of our daily activities are habits. That means that 40% of the time we are all on auto pilot. Now this is good thing if we have good daily habits but this is a bad thing if we have bad daily habits. Think of your life as a seesaw. On one side of the seesaw you have Poverty Habits and on the other side, Rich Habits. If you have more Poverty Habits than Rich Habits on your seesaw you will be poor and you will be unhappy with your life. If you have more Rich Habits than Poverty Habits your will be rich and you will be happy with your life.

Keystone Habits are habits that affect other habits. They are like little pac men. Keystone Habits move around looking for opposite habits to eat up, or to get rid of.  When you add a good Keystone Habit it gets rid of one or more bad habits you may have. One such Keystone Habit is Rich Thinking. Rich Thinking is the habit of thinking positively. You must make it a habit of thinking positive, uplifting thoughts every day. This is a very important Rich Habit because our thoughts direct our behavior. If we habitually think negative thoughts we will attract negative things into our life. If you are poor I guarantee that you have the Poverty Habit of negative thinking.

If you adopt the Rich Thinking Rich Habit for 30 days, it will begin to gobble up your negative thinking Poverty Habit. Because it is a Keystone Habit it will not stop with that one Poverty Habit. It will begin to eliminate others that have been linked to your negative thinking. You may eat too much, or drink too much or gamble too much just because of this one negative thinking Poverty Habit.

The Rich Habits are Keystone Habits. They were created to help you get rid of the Poverty Habits that are holding you back in life. Adding just one Rich Habit, like Rich Thinking, will eliminate numerous Poverty Habits. That is the secret to the success of the Rich Habits. One Rich Habit can get rid of numerous Poverty Habits and change you life forever.

The best and quickest method to change habitual negative thinking into habitual positive thinking is to give thanks every day for something. Make a habit of giving thanks every time something good happens or when something bad is avoided. Giving thanks creates an attitude of gratitude. Gratitude fosters positive thinking. Giving thanks is like screaming to the universe, “Give Me More!” When you give thanks every day for some specific thing, you are asking the universe to give you more of that same specific thing.

The key for gratitude to begin to attract positive things into your life is emotion. Emotion makes it all happen. You need to create the emotion and then give thanks. Here’s how: Think about a time in your life when something amazing happened or when you were incredibly happy. Hold on to that thought for a few seconds. Remember everything about that happy time. Then give thanks for something good that you have or that happened to you. Your subconscious will now begin working behind the scene with the universe to try and find more of the stuff you are grateful for and bring it into your life. In time your life will change. You will begin to attract good things. The more good things you attract and give thanks for, the more your subconscious and the universe will bring into your life. This one Keystone Rich Habit has a domino affect that changes your life forever.


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