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As many of you know, I ‘m big on binders:

  • Fact Binder
  • Mistake Binder
  • Book Binder – This is a binder where, in 1-2 pages, you summarize the key points of every book you read.

I literally have 5 of these binders at my feet in my home office that I use almost every day to help me along the way in my success journey. I can’t take the credit for the idea, however. About a dozen of the self-made millionaires from my Rich Habits study gave me the Binder idea.

There’s another Binder idea I’d like to share with you called the Vision Binder. This is a binder that includes pictures of all of your dreams: your future home, future vacation home, future vacation destinations, future goals (pictures of goals you hope to achieve one day), future awards (awards you hope to win one day), future relationships (famous people you hope to get to know one day), etc.

The beauty of the Vision Binder is that you can continue to fill it and refer to it, day after day, without worrying about running out of room. Vision Boards are bulky and limited in terms of space and not very practical. Building your Vision Binder is a fun thing to do. Plus, every time you add something new to it, it immediately puts you in a positive mindset. You get happy, optimistic and enthusiastic every time you open it. Your personal, customized Vision Binder will keep you focused on your dreams and goals. It will keep you motivated and inspired. It will shift your mindset from negative to positive every time you open it. Start your Vision Binder today. Add it to your arsenal of success tools.


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  1. I have my vision board set up on Pinterest.

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