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Building a team is not easy. It’s a process of trial and error. Finding individuals who all buy into the same dream and the same goals is not easy. Individuals tend to have their own dreams and their own goals and can throw a wrench into the team you are trying to build. Eventually, they are removed from the team (fired) and the trial and error process of finding another apostle for your cause, starts all over. Building the right team that will help you succeed is just messy.

Those who eventually succeed, cobble together a team of people, single-mindedly focused on the same dream and the same goals. They create apostles for their cause. When you have a team pushing the same ball up the hill, you get to the top of the hill much quicker. We are witnessing the wonder of successful team-building right before our very eyes.

Elon Musk has masterfully cobbled together not one, but two teams: Space X and Tesla Motors. In an interview, not too long ago, Musk said that in the early days of Space X and Tesla, he interviewed every new hire, in an effort to create his core team. That core team has made Space X and Tesla Motors household names and transformed Musk from a near bankrupt entrepreneur to a billionaire almost overnight.

Great entrepreneurs are also great team builders. They have a knack for finding team players who are smarter then they are and who have different, complimentary skills that help to multiply the entrepreneur’s chances for success.When you are able to get even just one person, who buys into your dreams and goals, to join your team, you geometrically multiply your chances of success. For entrepreneur’s like Musk, 1 + 1 = 3 (or more).

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