Nature Nixes Negativity by 75%


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Negativity narrows your focus. Narrowing your focus blinds you to most everything in your environment. This narrowed focus limits your ability to see solutions to your problems. Negativity also prevents you from seeing opportunities.

Opportunities are all around us. When you are in a negative state, part of your brain literally shuts down – the executive command and control center goes to sleep. And opportunities and potential solutions simply pass you by. So, negativity enslaves you to problems and poverty.

In a famous study published in 1984 by Robert Ulrich, now at Texas A&M University, they studied surgery patients over a ten year period on a single floor of a hospital. One side of the hospital looked out on a brick wall and the other side looked out at lush, leafy trees. The study found that those patients in the room looking out at the trees spent less time in the hospital, required fewer drugs to numb the pain and were more optimistic about their recovery. In fact, those in the “green room” were 75% more optimistic, or less negative, than those who were not exposed to nature.

There have been many “window studies” conducted over the years and the results are always the same – exposure to the great outdoors increases your positive mental outlook and is a firewall against negativity. Nature relaxes the mind. A relaxed mind enables you to find solutions to problems and see opportunities. This is why so many self-made millionaires make it a daily habit to meditate. Seventeen percent of the self-made millionaires in my Rich Habits study engaged in daily meditation. Others took a walk outside, or had an outdoor happy place in which to relax their minds (i.e. beach, park, trail, etc.). A relaxed mind allows you to think clearly. Inside that clarity of thought are the solutions to all of life’s problems.

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