Beware of Dream Gypsies


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It’s an unfortunate byproduct of pursuing a dream. There are individuals out there who prey on dreamers. They come disguised in many forms. All forms feed into your dream. They all seem sincere in their desire to help you move forward in realizing your dream. You buy into their sincerity, believing that they are truly interested in developing a long-term relationship with you; eager to guide you along the path towards success. But their sincerity comes at a cost. Typically, it’s a financial cost. They can help you realize your dream, they tell you. You just need to pay them X dollars and, magically, they will help make your dream come true. When the check clears, they stick around for a predetermined amount of time. And then they slowly disappear; fading away like a morning fog, leaving you no closer to realizing your dream. These Dream Gypsies, despite their words, are not interested in developing a long-term relationship with you, they are not really interested in helping you realize your dream. Their’s is strictly a short-term heist. The moment they decide your dream is taking too long, they move on. We dreamers often fall for their promises and are left poorer as a result. But, in time, we wise up. We learn from our mistakes. And when the next Dream Gypsie comes along, we are able to spot them a mile away and are able to avoid being taken advantage of a second time.

If you’re not careful, Dream Gypsies can stop your dream in its tracks by wasting your time and your money. If you’re just starting out on your success journey, you need to be on the lookout for Dream Gypsies. In the beginning of any pursuit of a dream, you need to hold on to whatever money you have for dear life. Trust me, you’ll need every dollar.

So, how do you unmask Dream Gypsies? There’s a process. During your march to success, you will encounter many people who seem sincerely interested in helping you. Some of them may profess having certain skills, certain contacts and that special something that you lack, which they convince you is holding you back from realizing success. Before you engage any one of these so-called experts, ask them how many of their clients have become successful. Then ask them for the names and contact information of five of their “successful” clients by the end of the day. The “end of the day” mandate is critical as it does not give them enough time to find those five individuals who will vouch for them. If they are Dream Gypsies, you will likely never hear from them again.

Dream Gypsies can throw a wrench into the pursuit of your dream. Don’t let that happen. Your dream is far too important. Be wary of anyone who promises you success. There is only one person who truly believes in your dream with all their heart and soul and there is only one person who will make that dream come true and that is you. Spend your money wisely as you pursue your dream and avoid Dream Gypsies at all costs. The right people will eventually come along. It just takes time and persistence.

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