What Life Lessons Have You Learned From Your Mom?

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We all have learned some important life lessons from our Moms. Here’s what I learned from my Mom:

  • Show Empathy: Many people are going through some life crisis and kindness and compassion helps ease their pain. My Mom believed that we should be there to help others who were going through hard times.
  • Be Generous: Help people who are struggling in life. Never ignore those in need. My Mom believed we were put here on earth to do good and that starts by helping those less fortunate.
  • Attend Funerals: A death in the family is one of those life events I write and talk about a lot. When you attend funerals you put your relationships on steroids. Death of a loved one is painful. My Mom believed attending funerals shows you care.
  • Laugh Every Day: Find a reason to be happy. Find something funny in everything in life. My Mom believed you can’t be sad when you’re laughing.
  • Money is the Route of All Evil: Pursuing anything for the love of money alone is wrong. My Mom believed that we all have some innate talent and that we need to find something we are passionate about rather than something that will make us rich.
  • You Can’t Control What You Can’t Control: Much of life is outside your control. My Mom believed that we should all just try every day to control what you can control and not worry about what is outside your control.
  • Creative Pursuits Make You Happy: When you engage in anything that requires creativity you will be happy. My Mom loved playing the piano. She always had a smile on her face when she was playing piano. Writing and teaching makes me happy, so I write and teach every day. My Mom believed that when you develop a skill that exposes your inner creativity it will make you happy.
  • Love: Show love to everyone you meet. Love solves most problems in life. My Mom believed that love was the most important thing in life.

What life lessons have you learned from your Mom?

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