Successful People Don’t Let Exceptional People Slip Through the Cracks


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Most people are average. What I mean is that most people do what they have to do in order to pay their bills, raise a family and keep their jobs. But every now and then you run into an exceptional person. Exceptional people are typically upbeat, enthusiastic, intelligent individuals who are doing something unusual, different, dramatic and, well, exceptional.

So what do you do when you run into one of these individuals? If you’re like most average people – not much. You might stay in touch with them in the beginning, maybe even a year or two, but eventually you forget about them and move on with your life. That’s a Poor Habit.

But if you’re like most self-made millionaires or someone who will be one day, you wrap your arms around them and never, ever let them go. You build a long-term relationship with them. You stay in constant communication with them. You turn them from relationship saplings into redwoods. That’s a Rich Habit.

You see, relationships are the currency of the wealthy. When self-made millionaires run into exceptional people they adopt them, like children. They become part of their inner circle. Self-made’s understand that there may one day come a time when they can mutually benefit one another and help elevate each other’s success.

Do you know any exceptional people? Do you stay in constant touch with them or do you have the Poor Habit of letting them slip through the cracks? If you’re struggling in life, you probably are letting them slip through the cracks. If you want to be successful in life, never let exceptional people slip through the cracks. Adopt them. Stay in touch with them constantly. Forge the Rich Habit of turning exceptional people who breeze into your life, into long-term relationships. Successful people never let exceptional people slip through the cracks.

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