How Much is That Optimist in the Mirror?


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One of the #1 traits shared by the self-made millionaires in my Rich Habits study was a positive mental outlook. The average net worth of those millionaires was $4 million. So, being positive is worth quite a bit of money. But what is a positive mental outlook? It is a lens through which you see your world. And how do you see the world? Do you see possibility or impossibility, achievable goals or unreachable goals, abundance or scarcity, opportunity or catastrophe, challenges or adversity, future success or future failure, good luck all around you or bad luck, happiness or misery, solutions or problems?

The lens through which you see your world, shapes your world. Your world will be filled with possibilities or impossibilities, depending on your mental outlook. A negative lens will weigh you down like an anchor. Positive thinking, removes that anchor and allows you to soar. Take off your lens of negativity and put on a new lens of possibility.  A positive mental outlook gives you a fighting chance to succeed, while a negative lens is like a thief; it robs you of the life you were intended to live.

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