The Small is Big Doctrine Takes You From Ordinary to Extraordinary


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To be a winner, it does not require that you win big. In fact, small is big when it comes to succeeding in life. 

In the 2016 Kentucky Derby, Nyquist won a very close race and received $1,631,600. The second place winner took home $400,000. In the 2016 NCAA basketball tournament finals Villanova won in a buzzer beater over UNC. In the 2009 Wimbledon finals Roger Federer defeated Andy Roddick 16-14 in the final fifth set. Ironically, Roddick won 39 games to Federer’s 38 games yet still lost. 

Making small incremental improvements to your life will take you from ordinary to extraordinary. Here’s how the Small is Big Doctrine can be applied in transforming your life:

  • Learn one new word a day. In thirty years, that equates to 10,950 new words, putting you way ahead of the competition with 30,950 words.
  • Learn one new fact every day. In thirty years you would have accumulated 10,950 new facts.
  • Learn one new skill a year for 30 years. This gives you 30 more skills.
  • Do one small favor a day for one of your Rich Relationships (relationships with success-minded individuals). This helps build stronger relationships with more of your Rich Relationships. Remember, relationships are the currency of the wealthy.
  • Reducing the number of calories you consume each day for a year by 300 calories means you will lose 37 pounds in a year.
  • Saving $1 a day for 30 years equals $25,467 in additional savings you wouldn’t have otherwise had.

Small is big when it comes to succeeding in life. Focus on the small things and, over time, you can transform your life from ordinary to extraordinary.


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