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As I’ve mentioned often in my writings and interviews, self-awareness is a prerequisite to change. If your life is not what you expected it to be and you don’t know why, self-awareness holds the key. Self-awareness forces you to discover the truth about yourself. Unfortunately, most avoid thinking about why things are as they are. Without self-awareness you will never be able to understand why your life is the way it is. So, I thought I’d put on my muse hat to help you confront the inner demons that are holding you back. I’ve devised 5 questions to ask yourself that will help you better understand why you are where you are in life:

Question #1: Who Are My Mentors?

Mentors put you on the fast track to success. Those who seek out and find mentors to help them learn what to do and what not to do, excel. Those who don’t flounder. Have you ever sought out a mentor? Do you have any mentors right now? Is there any successful people you know who you could ask to be your mentor?

Question #2: Do I Have Toxic Relationships?

Success-minded people lift you up, inspire you, motivate you, encourage you, energize you and help you maintain a positive mental outlook. Successful individuals surround themselves with success-minded individuals. But, more importantly, successful people avoid toxic people like the plague. Toxic people drag you down. They demotivate you, antagonize you, anger you, interrupt your life and add little value to your life. They are typically negative, gossip mongers and naysayers who stop you in your tracks. They distract you from pursuing your dreams and your goals. They consume your limited resources of time and money. The fewer toxic relationships one has in life, the better their life will be. Have you thought about which relationships are toxic? How much time do you spend with those toxic relationships?

Question #3: How Much Self-Study Do I Do Every Day?

Daily self-improvement causes growth. Successful people pursue learning every day in order to grow into the individuals they need to be in order for success to find them. Do you read every day for learning? Do you write down what you learn? Do you have a growth mindset?

Question #4: What Are You Passionate About?

Those who pursue things they are passionate about accumulate the most wealth in life. They are the most successful individuals. What makes your heart sing? Are you pursuing things that you are passionate about? What are your dreams and you stretch goals?

Question #5: How Many Hours Do I Waste Every Day?

The hallmark of successful people is their productive use of time. They devote hours every day to self-study, networking with other success-minded people and pursuing their dreams and the goals behind their dreams. They develop a blueprint for their lives and create habits that function like a GPS, directing them to their destination – the life of their dreams.


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