Temporary vs. Long-Term Habits


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In my research on the habits of self-made millionaires I discovered two types of habits that these millionaires used to help them achieve success: Temporary vs. Long-Term Habits.

Temporary Habits

With Temporary Habits you develop daily habits that make it possible for you to accomplish a short-term goal.

Developing study habits to help you obtain a degree, license or certification is an example. Another example might be writing a book, completing a project, manufacturing a prototype product, or saving money for a year for a down payment on a home.

Temporary Habits don’t necessarily stick with you for life. They last for as long as you need them to last.

 Long-Term Habits

These are habits that stick with you for life. They help build the infrastructure for a better life. Examples include reading every day to learn, practicing a skill every day, exercising daily to improve your health, eating healthy every day, daily habits that promote a positive mental attitude (i.e. expressing gratitude every day or meditating).

Long-Term habits are like the foundation of a building. In the context of a life, they represent habits that lay the foundation for a good, healthy, happy and successful life.


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  1. Fulfillment is permanent. Once you achieve something that fulfills you, it can never be taken away. Sure the temporary high of accomplishment will fade, but the fulfillment for what you have done is with you forever.

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