How to Become an Expert


Tom Corley boats - cropAnders Ericsson is the world expert on experts. What he found in his research was that experts practice deliberately every day. The Japanese call this Kaizen – continuous improvement.

Experts engage in deliberate practice for at least ten years in order to become the best at what they do.

Deliberate practice requires that you set a stretch goal, one not easily achieved, and then practice every day until you reach that goal.

It might be running a mile in less than 4 minutes.

It might be becoming a best-selling author.

It might be becoming a CPA, CFP or a Doctor.

Each stretch goal sets your destination. Deliberate practice helps you create daily habit goals that help achieve your stretch goals, moving you closer to your destination.

Deliberate practice also requires feedback. And this is what separates the experts from the rest of the field. Experts practice and then seek feedback from others. Feedback lets you know what you did wrong, allowing you to tweek what you’re doing, refining your practice, in order to perfect your skills.



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  1. Between Kaizen and Kintsugi, the Japanese have much wisdom to share.
    Looking back, anything I’ve become an –ahem,.. “expert” at has taken me ten years. Plus, the deliberate practice/improving/kaizen can be done in incremements–ten minutes here, or every few days. But it has to be deliberate to be effective, and consistency is key too, I’m sure.
    As, they say … the time will pass anyway.

    I used to think ten years is a LONG time to devote to something, but if its something you’re truly passionate about we would be doing it in some capacity anyway, such as our hobbies. As something gets done regularly it becomes a habit and the habit is what makes it easier on our brains to continue. Thanks as always. Vanessa

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